About us


A Tasteful Approach

We bring intense focus to every detail, being discerning without being rigid. With our tasteful approach, the equipment recedes to the background and the beauty comes through on the monitor. We Inspire people through beautiful videos that celebrate what makes you great.


The Big Picture

We tell the story you need to tell -- concise, heartfelt, memorable. And crafted so that your audience will jump in with both feet.


A Fun Shoot, a Great show

We hire the friendliest crew-members and creative partners because we care about our clients and the work itself. We do great work with all around good vibes. You’ll have a fun shoot, and a great show.




Michael founded Cheer Films in 2012 after years freelancing in photography and commercial production. With roots as a musician and broadway orchestra member, a sense of rhythm in storytelling is evident throughout his work. He’s at home orchestrating tension between practice, joy, and improvisation when operating a camera, designing a lighting plot and following a cherished character arc. A global traveller, Michael enjoys meeting people and interacting with clients to design a valuable and meaningful product. There’s always good times on set, with unexpectedly good images in the can as the sun sets.